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Diamond Belly Rings - Types of Navel Rings

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If you are in need of the perfect gift for a loved one, or simply want to look into some more adventurous fashion options for yourself, you might want to think about belly rings. Although they are available in a wide variety of different styles and materials, diamond belly rings are considered the ultimate material in terms of luxury. However, within this framework there are many different options that you could explore, with many different types of body jewelry currently out there on the market. The most common types are known as belly bars, which are coiled and have a large ball positioned inside the belly bottom, and a smaller ball at the other end.

Diamond Belly Rings

Other types of jewelry that you may see when you are looking for diamond belly rings are called dangle navel bars. These have a dangling portion that hangs from the ball at the bottom of the belly. If you are trying to hide anything on your belly, these are great for camouflage. Spiral rings are an option for anyone who has a deep piercing, and needs a greater level of precision with their ring placement. Because the balls can be twisted off in a spiral pattern, you can achieve an easier level of insertion.

Diamond Navel Rings

If you don’t like the appearance of these barbells, and want to make your navel ring look more like a ring, you could consider using diamond belly rings that are shaped like horseshoes, or circular barbells. These can be formulated in a wide range of different sizes to fit the proportions of your belly button. All of these different types of rings use diamonds as embellishment, but they may have different bases to them. Gold, silver, titanium, and surgical steel are all options that will help keep your belly ring safe and clean, but will also show off the diamonds.

Diamond Belly Button Ring

Before you go in for any piercing for the first time, be sure to do your research and learn more about what you are getting into. In some cases, such as for pregnant women, it’s better to wait to get your diamond belly rings. Without the proper care, piercings could lead to infection. However, this is easily prevented with the use of proper cleansing techniques, and approved moisturizers in the belly area. Diamonds can help class up your current wardrobe, or they could make a great gift in an alternative form to the typical ring or earrings, with these belly rings.