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Gemstone Belly Button Rings - Choosing the Right Fit

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It’s possible now to find belly button rings in just about every color of the rainbow, and made out of every type of material. For your first belly ring, it’s recommended to stick to a more basic structure, such as titanium rings or surgical steel. However, once your body is used to the feeling of this piercing, you can branch out and try your hand at more adventurous types of designs, including gemstone belly button rings. These are exciting because they combine all of the drama of fashionable jewelry with the edgy appeal of a navel piercing.

Gemstone Belly Ring

Some of the most popular types of gemstone belly button rings are rubies, emeralds, and crystals of varying shapes and sizes. These may be the real deal, or they could be imitation gems that are crafted out of plastic. Some gems may have meaning to their wearers, including birthstones. For a full idea of the types of gems that are used in manufacturing jewelry for belly buttons, you could look in several different places for inspiration. Online jewelry catalogs tend to have more comprehensive listings than what you would see within a store.

Gemstone Belly Button Rings

When you go in for your initial belly piercing, you will probably get to take a look at the different types of rings right then, to see what might be ideal for your situation. If you want something flashy, choosing gemstone belly button rings is a surefire way to get you noticed when you are out at a club baring your midriff, or wearing a bikini on the beach. When every other part of your body is adorned, why leave your belly button on its own? Gems help brighten up your body, lending sparkle and shine to your basic appearance.

Butterfly gemstone navel rings

However, there are a few factors to take into consideration before you purchase your gemstone belly button rings. For example, you will need to think about the size of the ring that you want. These bands are available in a number of different gauges or sizes. A smaller size is usually recommended for those who are getting pierced for the first time, but if you have been wearing a ring for a long time, you could be more experimental with your sizing options. Another thing that distinguishes different belly button rings is whether or not they have parts that dangle down from the main ring. These can make your jewelry more easily customized, if you want a personal symbol or memento.