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Belly button rings used to be the sole domain of punk rockers and belly dancers, but now are seen not only on pop stars but on women of every shape and size. You can even get the same look without the piercing. There are many different styles of non-pierced belly button rings to choose from today. Some of the most popular types include those that dangle over the lower part of the belly, because they allow for the most variation in color and theme. Some may have logos on them, while others will have a variety of precious jewels or gemstones.

Non-pierced Belly Button Rings - Top Styles to Choose From

To get started with examining all of these different types and styles of non-pierced belly button rings, it’s a good idea to begin by browsing through online catalogs. You could also look in piercing or tattoo shops for inspiration, or think about designing your own jewelry. With the most basic non-pierced belly button rings, you may be able to clip on your personalized charms. If you have a symbol or piece of artwork that is meaningful to you, it could be worked into this jewelry design, to give you a unique and customized piece.

There are many different benefits to choosing non-pierced belly button rings over the real deal. To begin with, you won’t have to go through the whole piercing ritual. Although some people enjoy that, many don’t like the thought of a needle being poked through their body. For the squeamish, it’s still possible to have the same look without the pain, and you don’t need to worry about the cleansing and maintenance of a fresh hole in the body. The major reason why people did this before was because there weren’t any alternatives to get that edgy look of a navel piercing.

However, because non-pierced belly button rings now look just like the real deal, you don’t have to worry about these things any more. You can put in your new piece of jewelry with confidence, and take it out anytime if it starts to irritate you. If you feel like changing your styles on a daily basis, with so many different navel rings to choose from you can mix and match them to your outfits. A more glitzy version with crystals or rhinestones might be appropriate for a big night out, while a simple and elegant gold plated ring will get you noticed on the beach.